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Nightmares Fear Factory

Nightmares is so scary that over 100,00 have chickened out! Will you?

Nightmares Fear FactoryThere's an interesting story behind Nightmares Fear Factory. Legend tells of Abraham Mortimer, the proprietor of the once thriving "Cataract Coffin Factory".

Mr. Mortimer spent his waking hours lovingly surveying his domain. But in the evenings, he was often teased by a bunch of hooligan boys. They would torment the eccentric then run off laughing.

One fateful night, Abraham confronted the riff-faff and in the ensuing struggle, a stack of coffins fell over and crushed him too death.

The guilty boys ran off never to be apprehended for the gruesome murder. However, soon after Mr. Mortimer's funeral, his coffin was found unearthed and empty!

To this day, (legend tells it), he walks the halls in revenge of all who dare to trespass on his abandoned factory.

Location: Nightmares Fear Factory is a Clifton Hill Attraction located at 5631 Victoria Ave, Niagara Falls. Open year round. Call (905) 357-FEAR

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Criminals Hall of Fame

Come face to face with life-like, criminal, wax, figures from the Old West, Roaring 20's and modern day crime scenes at the Criminals Hall of Fame."

Criminals Hall of FameCheck out life size replicas of famous and infamous criminals right from the pages of history, like... Bugsy Seigal, The Sundance Kid, Butch Cassidy, and Lizzie Borden.

From High Stakes, Heroes and Villans, to 40 Wacks and Bloody Reality. If your stomach can handle it, come on in.

Location: Criminals Hall of Fame is a Niagara Falls Clifton Hill Attraction at 5751 Victoria Avenue. Call (905) 358-3676

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Brontos Playland

Brontos is Niagara's newest and largest indoor/outdoor interactive attraction for the whole family of all ages.

Brontos Playland
  • Veggie Tales
  • Toddler Play Area
  • Ballocity Ball
  • Blasters
  • 2 Level Slide
  • twist N' Tangle
  • Bumper Blast
  • Cave Crawl
  • Log Roller
  • Cargo Net Climb

Location: Brontos Adventure Playland is a Niagara Falls Clifton Hill Attraction at 4943 Clifton Hill. Call (905) 357-2200 ext. 1234 or email:

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Ripleys Believe it or Not

Ripleys... the home of the Bizarre "Odditorium." The strangest place in Niagara Falls.

Ripleys Believe it or NotRobert Ripley, (the legend behind the museum), was often called, the modern "Marco Polo" because of his numerous trips around the world.

He visited 198 countries collecting, documenting, and reporting the most unusual stories he could find.

Ripleys offers something for everyone. Over 700 exciting and bizarre exhibits are available for you to view and "Believe it or Not" from a genuine Khabli skull bowl to a vampire killing kit.

Location: Ripleys is a Niagara Falls Clifton Hill Attraction right at the top of the Hill (number 4960). Open year round. Call (905) 356-2238

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Strike Rock N' Bowl

You'll have a rockin' good time at this 25,000 square foot, high energy, bowling lane entertainment center.

Strike Rock N' BowlStrike Rock N' Bowl has 14 full size bowling lanes. It's the "next generation" facility of arcade games and billiard tables... the perfect place for family and friends to gather together for fun and entertainment.
Location: Strike Rock N' Bowl is a Niagara Falls Clifton Hill attraction located at Boston Pizza on the Hill. Call (905) 358-4788.

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