Heartland Forest Winter Fest

by Linda Pepin
(Niagara Falls, Canada)

Roasting Marshmellows and Hot Dogs

Roasting Marshmellows and Hot Dogs

1st Annual Heartland Forest Event

Held Sunday, February 14, 2010 from 11:00 - 3:00 pm was a great success. There was lots of FREE Family Fun!

Activities included:

  • Guessing games
  • Fun drawing games
  • Outdoor activities
  • Learning stations
  • Walk through the trails
  • Open fire pit for roasting marshmellows
  • Refreshments and snacks

There was a huge tent set up where visitors could warm up with a hot drink and socialize a little bit.

Barbara Grumme, of Century 21 Realty, donated a lot of goodies like coffee, hot chocolate, and fruit.

Aleks Rackocevic came to the rescue and thawed out the frozen hot dogs.

Children and their parents roasted marshmellows and hot dogs over a bon fire out back while others headed down the snow covered Heartland nature trails.

Chester Murawski, from the magazine "Snap," contributed the marshmellow picture we posted above.

We apologize to Tim and Carrie Karis and their two cute children, Gwendolyn and Bateman. The picture we took of you did not turn out. We had our camera on the wrong setting! lol

Nicole did an awesome job organizing this event and hats off to all the volunteers who helped make the day a success.

We missed seeing Dan. We heard he was basking in the sun in Florida!

We're looking forward to the 2nd Annual Heartland Forest Winterfest.

Linda and Roger Pepin
Niagara Falls, CA
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