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Get a Downloadable Map of Niagara Falls, Directions, Safety Tips, Vehicle Rules, and Regulations, for driving in Niagara Falls Ontario.

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Driving Tips and Regulations...

We want your trip to Niagara Falls to be accident free. Please take a moment to read our driving tips and regulations that will help you stay safe during your visit to Niagara.

  • Niagara Falls visitors (and residents) must be at least 16 years old to drive.

  • You must possess a valid driver's license from your own province, state or country.

  • If you are from another country and visiting Ontario for more than three months, you need an "International Driver's Permit" from your own country.

  • If you do not have an international Driver's Permit, you may have to apply for an Ontario driver's license.

  • Ensure that your automobile insurance coverage is sufficient.

  • Be sure to carry the original or valid copy of your vehicle registration.

  • You must wear seat belts.

  • Children must be secured in a proper regulation car seat or booster seat depending on their height and weight.

  • The speed limit for city driving is normally 50 K/hour (accept in areas where construction is in progress). Slow down!

  • Rural areas are usually 80 K/hour but always watch for change in speed limit signs.

  • Niagara Roads can be slippery in the winter and during rainy seasons. Be especially cautious around the Falls area where heavy mist can cause hazard conditions.

  • Watch out for motorcycles. Treat them like other vehicles when driving.

  • Keep a look out for bicycles, mopeds, and mobility scooters. There are an increasing number of these types of vehicles in Niagara Falls.

  • Watch out for trains, buses, people movers, and horse and carriages.

  • The tourist sections of Niagara can get quite congestive with pedestrians. Be patient and especially alert when turning and watch for horse and carriage.

  • Disabled visitors are allowed to use their current valid permit, number plate, marker or device. (Must bear the international symbol for access for the disabled).

For more information about traveling in Niagara Falls/Ontario, visit the Ministry of Transportation website for details.

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