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Below I've posted pictures and descriptions of Louis Tussauds Wax Museum, The Great Canadian Midway, Hard Rock Cafe, Movieland Wax Museum of the Stars, and Brick City. But... that's just a very short list... There's lots more to see! Click here for a list of 25 Clifton Hill attractions.

Louis Tussauds Wax Museum

Louis Tussaud was the great grandson of the famous Madame Tussaud. After a family argument, Louis left the family fold to express his artistic talents and start his own wax museum.

Louis Tussauds Wax MuseumLouis Tussaud's Waxworks houses over 120 life size, life-like wax figures of politicians, religious leaders, movie stars, comedians, heroes, and villains (in a two story English Tudor building at the top of Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls).

Make sure you have your camera because you'll be able to snap "close up" shots of your favourite "barrier free" celebrities.

Hop into bed with John and Yoko or sit on a stool in a replica of the "Boulevard of Broken dreams". Snap a pic of Albert Einstein, Anne Boleyn, or King Henry the Eighth.

After that, have your picture taken going over the falls in a barrel (like Red Hill Jr. did). It will make an awesome souvenir picture to take home.

Location: Louis Tussauds Wax Museum is located at 5907 Victoria Ave by our famous Niagara Clifton Hill "Street of Fun at the Falls."
Call (905) 374 6601 - dial ’0’ to speak with a live person.

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Great Canadian Midway

The Great Canadian Midway is a spectacular 70,000 sq. ft arcade building providing hours of entertainment for every member of the family.

Great Canadian MidwayDon't miss it! The whole atmosphere will create a really memorable time.

The Great Canadian Midway is a clean, fun, high energy place with plenty of colorful lights, sounds, and prizes with approx. 300 games ranging from classic arcade types to newer interactive ones like: sports simulators, ski-ball, and wheeler arcade games.

Purchase Midway fun passes, get tokens, and win tickets that you can exchange for prizes!

Also inside the arcade:

  • The FX Thrill Ride Theatre "Journey to the Center of the Earth" is a motion simulator where the seats move (in conjunction with the movie).

  • Try your hand at shooting ghosts with your laser gun at the haunted hotel in the fun "Ghost Blaster's Dark Ride."

  • End your fun visit munching on gourmet pizza, pasta, ribs, or salad, at Boston Pizza located on the upper level of the Great Canadian Midway. You'll find more fun there too... like video games and pool tables.

Location: Great Canadian Midway is located at #4946 on our famous Niagara Clifton Hill "Street of Fun at the Falls." You can't miss its bright NEON sign! Call (905) 358-3676

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Hardrock Cafe

If you're into "Hard Rock" music, rock star memorabilia, and a bustling party atmosphere, you'll feel right at home at the Hard Rock Cafe` where the spirit of Rock ‘n’ Roll is very much alive.

Check out the tribute room to the Beatles and the banquet room dedicated to Elvis Presley.

Hardrock Cafe Rock Star Memorabilia includes George Harrison's guitar, Clarence Clemons' saxophone, and T-Rex's drum kit.

You'll enjoy listening to current and nostalgic rock tunes amongst four decades of Rock 'n' Roll décor like an 80-foot guitar bar and motorcycles hanging from the ceiling while you're dining on your favourite American or Tex-Mex cuisine from lunch 'till the wee hours of the morning.

Finish up your dining experience with a memorabilia purchase from the Hard Rock Merchandise Gift and Souvenir Shop where you'll find everything from Rock 'n' Roll T-shirts to jewelry.

Location: The Hard Rock Cafe is located at 5705 Falls Avenue near our famous Niagara Clifton Hill "Street of Fun at the Falls" and next to Casino Niagara. Call (905) 356-7625

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Movie Land Wax Museum of the Stars

If you're a Movie Star buff, you'll love the MovieLand Wax Museum of the Stars. These Life-like (full size) wax figures are so real looking you'll be absolutely amazed.

Movie Land Wax Museum of the StarsCheck out 80 of your favourite movie, music, and television, stars like the "Wizard of Oz", "The Godfather", "Bill Cosby", "Jim Carrey", "Harry Potter", "Austin Powers", "Cher", and others!

See the stars set in their most memorable movie scenes... like, Jack Nicholson as the Joker. There is somebody to see for all ages.

After your intriguing trip through Movie Land Wax Museum of the Stars, create a colorful wax replica of your own hand at the Wax Hands Factory at the Fun Factory Gift Shop.

Location: MovieLand Wax Museum of the Stars is located at #4950 on our famous Niagara Clifton Hill "Street of Fun at the Falls."
Call 1 (905) 358-3061

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Brick City

Discover 800 sq. of an "amazing and creative" miniature world of buildings, cars, boats, trains, and people created with toy bricks just like the LEGO® bricks we played with as kids.

Brick CityCome and see...

  • over 900 feet of train track
  • 16 L-guage trains running independently
  • a 10 foot long Niagara Falls display
  • The Niagara Skywheel
  • a 10 foot tall CN Tower
  • a 15 foot golden gate bridge
  • Over 1,000 toy people

Every time you visit, you'll see something new. You can walk through it at your own pace and there is a play area set up for the kiddies to create their own brick masterpieces.

Be sure to sign the guest book and leave a comment before venturing off to check out the gift shop.

Location: Brick City is located at #4943 on our famous Niagara Clifton Hill "Street of Fun at the Falls." Call (905) 357-2200 ext 6622

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