Niagara Falls in Winter

Wondering About Visiting Niagara Falls in the Winter?

We recommend coming to Niagara Falls in Winter. December, January, February, and March, are some of the best months to see Niagara Falls. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking when everything is covered in freshly fallen snow. That's not the only reason for visiting in the Winter...

Niagara Falls in Winter
Niagara Falls in Winter

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Winter Wonder in Niagara Falls

The barren trees lining River Road (facing the falls) sparkle in the sun and shimmer in the moonlight creating a natural Winter Wonderland! That's the result of the mist spraying on the branches and then freezing. To top it off, a light dusting of pure white snow completes the picture.

The roaring Falls is beautiful to see in the Winter months. Contrary to what you may have heard though, the Falls does not totally freeze over! Although there are tales told that it completely froze two times in the 1900's.

A lot of ice builds up and the snow piles upon it but the water underneath is constantly flowing and the Niagara River that it gushes into is always in motion. Check out my frozen Niagara Falls page for information and pictures.

Another benefit to visiting Niagara Falls in the Winter is that it is less crowded with tourists. You'll have a better chance of getting great deals on hotel rooms and restaurant dining as well as discounts on merchandise and attractions.

One of the main reasons people visit Niagara during the off season is to witness the spectacular display of the, "Winter Festival of Lights".

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