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United States

"Looking forward to my family vacation in April."



"Greetings to you in Jesus name. I have read about Niagara Falls. I think that all things around Niagara Falls are good. Thank you for keeping the Falls a clean area."

Byamagero Godfrey

United States

"It would be great to visit Niagara Falls. It looks beautiful. Thank you for sharing all that is has to offer on your website."

"Great to read your ezine!"


United States

"My family lives 85 miles from Niagara Falls! We have been there several times including a Honey Moon. We love the Falls and Area."

"Thanks for your website!"

Larry Lowe

United States

Our family has visited the Falls many times in all seasons and we have enjoyed biking the area as well as walking as a family, with our youth group, and with our Teens in our Christian Schools. I encourage you to check out the Goat Island area on the American side. The hiking trails along the river and out on Goat Island grant you a huge variety of breathtaking views for renewal and picture taking. Praise goes to our awesome Creator God who has blessed us with such beauty to enjoy. Join us!

Carol Burrows

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