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Did You Get a Healthy Coffee Sample

From Us?

Hi.... Meet Roger and Linda Pepin from Niagara Falls, Canada. We are the owners of this website ( Feel free to snoop around our site.

We also work from home building our "Organo Gold" Healthy Coffee business.

One of us recently gave you a FREE Healthy Coffee sample! If you arrived on this page without receiving one, fill out the form at the bottom of this page with your request. (Samples are mailed to North American residents only...sorry). But, OrganoGold will happily ship products "outside" of Canada and the U.S. whenever you place an order online from our website here.

We Hope You Enjoyed (or will soon enjoy) Our Coffee!

"How can coffee be healthy?", we are often asked.

"Isn't that an oxymoron? lol...

Answer:  It's in the "Power of the Mushroom!"...

The special herb that makes our coffee a "healthier" choice is named,  Ganoderma Lucidum... affectionately known as the "King of Herbs" and called "Ling Zhi" in Chinese (meaning...“spiritual potency”). You cannot taste the mushroom in our coffee but you can sure "feel" the results from drinking it!

North Americans are just now "discovering" the tremendous beneficial results of consuming this precious Ganoderma mushroom which has been "widely" known about and used for the promotion of good health and longevity in Asian countries for centuries!

You can find thousands of third party validation on the internet "praising" the miraculous health enhancing attributes of this ancient mushroom. Just do a google search for Ganoderma, Ganoderma Luciden, (or "Reishi" as it is often referred to).  You'll be amazed at the wealth of information available about this 4,000 year old mushroom. 

Certified OrGanic Ganoderma

OrGanoGold is the only company in North America that has partnered with the largest 100% Certified OrGanic Ganoderma plantations in the world to bring this "Treasure of Life" to the people of the world!  So, be sure you purchase from us.   There are many "look a like's" out there that claim they are the best but are simply "Plastic Bag" versions and not true "Log Grown" varieties such as our very own OrganoGold.

Organo Gold products are "infused" with 100% organic Ganoderma.

Products: Beverages, Neutracuticals, and Personal Care

  • Gourmet Black Coffee
  • Gourmet Latte
  • Gourmet Cafe Mocha
  • Gourmet Hot Chocolate
  • King of Coffee (Organic*)
  • Premium Gourmet Royal Brewed
  • Gourmet Cafe Supreme
  • Organic Green Tea
  • Grape Seed Oil
  • Ganoderma Lucidum
  • Mycelium
    Ganoderma Spore Powder
  • Ganoderma Lucidum
  • G3 Primium Beauty Soap
  • OG Smile Toothpaste

Some of our awesome Organo Gold beverages.

Retail Customer

You can view/purchase our Ganoderma products as a retail customer on our website here by clicking this link and clicking on the purchase products tab.

(Click on the purchase products tab on the top right of the page and choose "retail customer" in the drop down list beside "role". The Sponsor ID code should say, 10000370319. If not, change it to that number).

Order whatever products you want.  You will pay retail prices plus shipping.

FREE Delivery Service:

We will personally deliver products for free (within a 30 mile radius of Niagara Falls) if you want to get drinking our tasty coffee right away while you are waiting for your order to arrive.  You'll save on shipping too! Proceeds from offline/cash sales will help support the Niagara Falls Humane Society or Beacon Baptist Christian School.  Please indicate your choice of charity when placing your order.  Call (905) 357-0479.

Wholesale Prices

Simply create a "distributor" account  here and you will have the opportunity to purchase all of your products at wholesale prices.  You can also sell products to family and friends and earn retail commissions. Your earnings can help toward paying for your purchases as well as give you a little spending money. 

(Click on the join now tab on the top right of the page and choose "distributor" in the drop down list beside "role". The Sponsor ID code should say, 10000370319. If not, change it to that number).

Pick and choose what products you want for yourself and also products you will sell to family, friends, and co-workers.  We recommend a variety of the beverages to get you started.

Home Based Business Opportunity

Want to make some serious money?

Perhaps you'd be interested in working from home generating a part time or full time income. Why not join our OG team? We'd love to have you on board. We are recruiting distributors from all over the world.

OrganoGold blends the power of Ganoderma with coffee (in a world-wide market) with an unparalled business opportunity that allows anyone who has a desire to build a home business to capitalize on the ever expanding "health and wellness industry". Our dedicated team support and commitment empowers our distributors to live a life of health, abundance, and freedom!

To learn more about Ganoderma and our Unique Home Based Business Opportunity, call this number to listen to our recorded message...1-877-843-2525

Then, get started today: Create an an account here.

(Click on the join now tab on the top right of the page and choose "distributor" in the drop down list beside "role". The Sponsor ID code should say, 10000370319. If not, change it to that number).

We recommend you start with a Gold Pack or higher if you are serious about building a solid home based business. You should be a "product of the product" and have enough items "on hand" for yourself and family members as well as plenty to sell and give away as samples to anyone who drinks coffee or knows someone who does! AND THAT IS JUST ABOUT EVERYONE ON THE PLANET WOULDN'T YOU AGREE?  Can you see the potential of this opportunity?

Next:   Contact us right away and let us know you've joined our team and want some inside tips on how to build your Organo Gold Healthy Coffee Business!  We'll get right back to you!

Roger & Linda

(905) 357-0479

P.S. Our Organo Gold Healthy Coffee makes a great FUNDRAISER for schools, churches, and other Non Profit organizations.  Ask us for details.

Linda Pepin - Ed Mercer - Roger Pepin

Ed Mercer is a "billionaire" who is working with our team in the Niagara Region and GTA area.  His goal is to create 100 millionaires (with Organo Gold as the vehicle) within the next 2 years.  Join our Organo Gold team today for a shot at being one of them!

Dial 1-877-843-2525 to listen to our 24/7 recorded business opportunity presentation.

Roger and Linda Pepin
Call (905) 357-0479.

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