Port Colborne Ontario

A day in Port Colborne Ontario is fun for the whole family...

You'll enjoy everything from fishing to fireworks!

Roger and I love to go to Port Colborne. We take a leisurely drive many a Sunday afternoon traveling along Highway 3 to get there. It's a beautiful scenic route.

Griffon Ship Port Colborne
Griffon Ship Port Colborne
Once we arrive in Port Colborne, we usually stop at the Ice box for an ice cream cone. yum! (I eat healthy all week so I can justify having my favorite treat) lol.

The "Icebox" shack plays old songs from the 50's. The speakers are up in the trees so you can hear the music from the park or when you're strolling around the SugarLoaf Marina and the Lake Erie water front. It's a nostalgic atmosphere.

The kids will love it. Bring lots of bread or crackers. There are hundreds of seagulls to feed. Bring a picnic lunch and their swim suites. There's a really good splash pad, swings, and monkey bars. They can do a little fishing too so bring their poles.

There are public washrooms, picnic tables, and gazebo shelters.

Every year, Port Colborne has a fish derby. This year we watched the fishermen arrive with their catch of Pickerel. The first prize was $10,000!

We also visit Port Colborne on Canal days. It's an all day affair so if you're going to go, be prepared to stay awhile. There are carnival rides, ship tours, kite flying, car shows, clothing & trinket vendors, street performers.

Bring your camera. There are plenty of pretty gardens, historic buildings, interesting ships coming through the canal, and a lot of quaint little shops to explore.

When it gets dark, many of the sail boats are all decorated in lights like Christmas trees. They move up and down the canal sparkling in the moonlight in what the residents call a "Ship Parade". It's quite a sight to see and after that you'll enjoy the best fire works display you'll ever witness.

Port Colborne Ontario is also home to the famous Nickel Beach where you are allowed to park your car right on the sand. It's a great spot to do a little windsurfing too.

You'll enjoy the whole day and if you want to stay overnight, Port Colborne has a few inexpensive hotels that will accommodate you and your family.

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