Roger and Linda Pepin

Roger and Linda Pepin's Bio "in a nutshell"

We are long time residents of Niagara Falls Canada and live in the Stamford area of the city in a small cottage type house built in 1928.

Roger and Linda Pepin from Niagara Falls Canada

(It's a handy man special that still has the original outhouse in the back yard!)

But, that's OK. We like our house and have awesome plans to turn it into a cute little doll house "one inch at a time."

We are baby boomers (which means we have a few gray hairs and some aches and pains, lol).

We have four grown children; Dave, Heather, Bryan, and Rachel. We have one beautiful five year old grand daughter named Katelynn who has stolen our heart!

We're the typical couple who have lived in a famous city for years but hardly ever take the time to discover all the great places to see and the
fun things to do. (Shame on us!)

Oh sure, we visit the Falls twice a year and check out the Festival of Lights every December; but, we are guilty of not having truly appreciated what this wonderful city has to offer "tourists and residents" alike.

So... we decided enough was enough. We're now checking out the many Niagara Falls attractions the way we should have done when we moved here over 20 years ago. We're going to share our discoveries with you.

Roger and Linda Pepin from Niagara Falls Canada

Like Hill's Barrel for example...

Here's me preparing for my first trip over the Falls! lol

We'll write about the history of Niagara Falls and all the interesting places for tourists and fellow residents to explore... as we continue to visit the many different sites and things to do from week to week.

We're sure there are plenty of folk like us who have taken Niagara Falls for granted ("tsk tsk"). We want to encourage all of you (tourists and residents) to discover Niagara's adventures as we are doing and share your testimonies and pictures of yourself and your family on our website.

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Thanks for visiting our Niagara Falls Website.

Please contact WhyNiagara if you have any questions about Niagara Falls or would like to contribute to our site.

roger and linda pepin

Roger and Linda Pepin
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

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