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What is VoiParty? (now called Vipiam)

The VoiParty Home Business opportunity is worth checking out if you're looking for a "hands free" way to earn a "passive income" right from home.

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Get Paid Just For Being Plugged In! Generate Residual Income Automatically Using Your Home Phone and Internet.


In layman's terms, it's like owning your own telephone pole and earning commissions when your neighbour makes a phone call.

The only difference is that your telephone pole is not outside and it's not a tree. It's not strung with wires either. It's a small router type device that plugs into your computer.

The VoiParty company uses your broadband internet and phone line to transport your neighbours' calls. The company pays you commissions every time a call is re-routed via your VoiParty box.

That's it!

It's a "hands free" way for you to earn a "passive income" right from home.

Just imagine how much money you could have generated over the years if Alexander Graham Bell had offered you the opportunity to earn money from his telephone invention. Would you have turned down the opportunity?

I think not!

The VoiParty home business opportunity is comparable to that. It's just a newer technology.

With VoiParty, you get paid just for plugging into the system.


Because... you'll save $240 - $300 each year by eliminating the long distance portion and premium features of your phone bill. Vipiam gives you these features for free.

That's not all!

You'll save money on these services yes! But... you'll also have the chance to earn thousands of "residual" passive income (monthly, even weekly) by letting the VoiParty company use your internet and phone line to transport their calls.

How to Earn VoiParty Income?

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Simply put...

What may be a free call for you, is a long distance call for someone else. When a non-member makes a long distance call, the call is re-routed to your VoiParty box thus creating cash for you.

This type of re-routing is called IXC (Inter Exchange Communications.) In the USA alone, the cash flow from IXC is over 800 million/month.

Each person who joins the Voiparty Home Business enlarges the VoiParty "network." This network of boxes (telephone poles) in people's homes (in specific area codes), will be located in different cities in the United Sates and Canada. Eventually other parts of the world will be included.

The company's plan is to provide the highest quality of digital phone service at the lowest wholesale cost. Thereby, capturing the market as the lowest cost provider. That means retail providers (our telephone companies) will choose VoiParty to transport their calls.

Thus the VoiParty network will capture 10 - 20% of that market per month. The company pays it's members 70% of those earnings. Which means our member's share could be $80 to $120 million dollars a month.

That's a huge incentive to get involved in the VoiParty Home Business opportunity and tell your family and friends about it.

VoiParty Incentives

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  • Share this business with others and your network of VoiParty members could generate a passive income stream for you that over time could surpass your current income. It's possible to earn thousands of dollars per month, week, or even per day.

  • There are also many different membership rewards such as: cars, trips, and cash bonuses.

  • There is free online training and sales support through conference calls, sponsor support, and webinars.

  • You'll get free long distance calls for USA and Canada.

  • You'll get all the usual phone premium features.

  • You'll get free international calls as a member and up to 70% (off retail rates) for non members. It costs only $299 one time fee. Only $29 per year after that. No monthly fees. No overhead, employees, or products to ship!

The VoiParty Home Business is an extremely rare and valuable opportunity. We highly recommend that you investigate further if you're looking for a passive income opportunity.

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Have a great day!

Roger & Linda
Niagara Falls, Canada

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